Thursday, March 6, 2008


We have had a busy couple of weeks and I am leaving tomorrow for my big weekend in New York City. I am so excited for my trip, but I thought I should catch up on this before I go. Well, were do we start... The night of the last day I posted (a Monday) Dylan fell in the bath tub and broke a tooth. It was the top, front, left one. The whole bottom half of the tooth was gone the gums were bleeding and of course he was crying. We got him cleaned up and then called a pediatrician friend of ours to see if I should be rushing to the emergency room, or what. At first we didn't really think it was that bad, I was almost thinking that he would be okay until Thursday when he had his 15 month check up, but our friend told us to look for nerves that could be exposed in the tooth because that would need a pediatric dentist to look at it the next day. Sure enough we drove the poor baby crazy looking in his mouth, but came to the conclusion that we could see nerve. I felt like the worst mother ever I think more than I ever have before. I barely could sleep and swear to you that I dreamt all night about my pirate baby with a missing front tooth and guaranteed Halloween costume for the next 5-7 years. First thing the next morning I called pediatric dentist and they got us in early. The dentist was great and confirmed that nerves were exposed and gave us some options. #1 (my worst fear) Pull the tooth and wait for new tooth to come in, #2 (doctor recommended) Perform a baby root canal on the tooth and then put a baby crown on it, #3 (not really an option or recommended) Leave it alone, it will abscess with in days/weeks, baby be in a lot of pain and then pull tooth anyway. Yes, of course we did #2, we went back on Friday morning and everything went really well. No, he was not knocked out completely, they gave him some medicine that made him really loopy and silly and then laughing gas on top of that. He was actually a very happy baby through most of the procedure and then a very cranky baby that afternoon when all the good stuff wore off. I also had to take him to the doctor the day before for his check up, we held off on shots a week, figured he had been through and couldn't risk getting a fever before the tooth procedure. We did take before and after pictures, but they are on Jeff's camera and once I download them I will post them. The tooth looks really great, there still is a small chance that it could abscess, but the dentist reassured us that if that happened we could bring him back and they would pull it for free! Thanks Doc! Last week we had some friends visiting in nice warm Texas. Mona and Bridger were grateful to escape the cold of Wisconsin and visit missed friends and coworkers. Thanks for hanging out with us, we loved having you here and had a great time! This past week Dylan went back to the doctor to get his shots. He has also been sick and crankier than ever. Today was the first day I thought maybe he was better, knock on wood. His other new thing is also to follow me around or just yell from were ever "MOMMA!!!" I guess that is what I get for being so upset when Tyler didn't want to say it until we was almost two. Goodluck to Jeff while I am gone!