Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Texas Snow!

Here in central Texas we never get snow. A few times a year we get a ice storm or a little sleet and freezing rain, but I don't think I have ever seen real, accumulating snow. Well yesterday it really snowed almost all day. It was heavy, thick, wet snow, great for snowballs and snowmen. I think we got a little more than an inch. The kids were in heaven and we froze to death for a few hours playing in it. Of course today it is in the fifties and all but our snowman has melted, but it was a great time while it lasted. The best part is that this was Tuesday, but on Sunday it was in the 70's and by the weekend I think it will be in the 60's. Crazy Texas Weather!


This is the second half of our trip.
The view from our hotel room across Waikiki beach. It was beautiful!
The yummiest shaved ice I have ever had for 2 dollars. I asked the guy to give me his favorite flavor. I swear it tasted like pure sugar.
We went to the tourist trap called the Dole Plantation. It was actually very interesting. I don't think I have ever thought about how a pineapple grows, or how many types their are. Growing pineapple. Did you know that after they are picked they DO NOT continue to ripen! If you are not going to cut it right away you should refrigerate it to last longer.
A nice beach I collected sea shells at on the way to the Polynesian Cultural Center.
So this is me trying to take a picture of a man climbing a tree. I for some reason was having a hard time finding which tree he was in. I got laughing so hard that I couldn't do it that Jeff had to take the camera and do it himself.
Jeff doesn't think this picture is as funny as I do!
My favorite part of the show at the cultural center was the fire twirling at the end.
This is the whole cast at the very end. It was a really cool show.
Me driving the Bowfin Submarine in Pearl Harbor.
The USS Missouri Battleship we got to walk around and explore.
A view of the USS Arizona Memorial from the Missouri.
We also went to a ginormous Super Target while we were killing time to catch our red eye flight back home. It was huge and even had its own parking garage! Wish I had taken a picture.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I love Maui! It was so beautiful.
We went whale watching. There were lots of babies and mommas. The babies were all really playful and showing off their new found skills. We went out on a tour with Pacific Whale Foundation Eco Adventures, but you could see them when just standing on the shore or from our room.
We even made it to the beach a few times. Shocker I know, since I hate hate sand, ocean water, and direct sunlight.
Jeff was brave enough to actually get in the water. I do like to snorkle, which we didn't do, but if we had I would have braved the ocean. Maybe next time.
Carmen and Shawn's wedding was in Maui. It was beautiful and we were so happy to be there.
We went up Haleakala. It is the highest point in Maui, just over 10,000 feet. The day we went it was really cold and windy. At the base on our way up it was 70 degrees and by the time we got to the top about a 45 minute drive, it was only 40 degrees.
It was cool, because we were up above the clouds.
But it was really cold, so we didn't stay long. That and we needed to get to our zipline tour with Skyline Eco Adventures.
Us in our gear. Yes, we know we are hot.
Me debating with the nice tour guide lady if this is really a safe thing to be doing.
Jeff having the best time of the whole trip.
There was a suspension bridge that I was not a fan of.
We did 5 lines. The last one was 770 feet long and I don't know how high up. It was super fast and at the end they had to bring out The Home Depot ladder to get you down. This is our other guide asking me if I just had the best time ever, and I am telling him I am glad to be on his Home Depot ladder. Okay, so it was fun. It was just a really SCARY fun. And yes, I probably would do it again and be just as scared.
This was my favorite place that we ate. We had this yummy chicken, bacon, ranch pizza made with all organic and local grown foods. It was delicious. I had the salad too and want some more of it right now. Yummy!

Things We Saw

I took a few pictures of things we saw in Hawaii that we don't see a lot of here in Texas.
Pineapples growing from the ground. Not IN the ground, and not ON a tree.
Palm Trees
Bird of Paradise
There were beautiful flowers everywhere!
Hula Pie! It even had its own Hula Pie plate. Yummy!
I swear we heard or saw a rooster everyday.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just Maui'd

I kidnapped Jeff and took him to Hawaii for a week. My mom came and watched the kids, so we were able to be kid free for almost nine whole days! We first went to Maui for my dear friend, Carmen's wedding. We have known each other for a long time and I am so glad I was able to be there.
We are so happy for Carmen and Shawn. They are so great together and we were glad to share the special day with them.
At the reception dinner we watched the sunset. It was a beautiful day!