Monday, January 25, 2010

He did it!

Surprise! He Can Walk!
And he loves it. He is getting faster and faster everyday. Only took 15 months.
Each one of our kids has started walking later and later. Tyler 10 months, Dylan 12 months, and Kyle 15 months. I guess when you have brothers that are doing everything for you there is no reason to be in a hurry.

Who is that?

Oh it's just Dylan.
This is his Bob the Builder-Batman disguise. He loves when I pretend that I don't know who he is and then reveals himself to me. He thinks he is so tricky and just laughs and laughs.
He is just so stinking cute!

The Park

Just a few

So it ends up that I did take a few pictures over Christmas despite not feeling well.
Our gingerbread house we made for FHE.
The boys waiting to open there pj present on Christmas Eve.
Tyler loved his.
Kyle has learned to climb. This is his favorite thing. He sits on it screaming and jerking it around to try and make it move.
The mess after the opening.