Monday, February 18, 2008

Want a ride?

Tyler got this fun four wheeler when he was two and could barely reach the peddle to make it go. Now he is a pro and Dylan has gotten tired of just watching him, so Tyler now gives rides. Come on down and he will give you a cruise around our yard.

Hope you had a Happy Valentines Day

Here is my sad attempt to get my kids to take a cute Valentine picture together. Tyler has always been good at sitting still and posing for a picture, but Dylan doesn't care so much, therefore Tyler is trying to force him. Good Times!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Dylan Thoughts

Dylan thoughts...What else can I pull down off the table? Oh man... that cup is just to far away.
Lately when Tyler forgets to take his dishes to the sink Dylan has found it the best opportunity to chow down a little more. This kid loves to eat and he doesn't care if it is soggy or off the floor. It is driving me crazy. I guess I should be a better mother and pay more attention, but he is getting so fast.
Look how proud of himself he is. I guess I just need to work on getting him better at the clean up. LOL He always also seem to get so dirty after I just get him ready for the day in the last clean shirt. I think kids have radar for this.
Dylan thoughts... This is the last clean shirt and pants mom has for me. I know this because I picked all the dirty clothes out of the hamper and threw them all over the floor and around the house just a few minutes ago. Let see what she is going to do now!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Texas Vote!

For some reason Texas is deciding again to change the license plate. I swear just a couple years ago they changed it to have all the little outlines on bottom and sky scene on top. Anyway, I am one of the few who voted to just leave it the same. Go here to make your voice count for something