Friday, September 26, 2008

My Handsome Men!


Tyler is really into spiked hair and mohawks lately. He discovered it works best in the bath tub and insists that Dylan has one too.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Seriously...2 More Weeks!

So I am to the point were I feel like I have been pregnant forever, and long enough for that matter. I really don't think I can take it much longer. I went to the doctor today and there really isn't any hope in sight. Jeff keeps telling me that I have to remember that our other kids weren't ready till 40 weeks, but to think about 2 whole more weeks makes me want to cry. Oh wait, I do cry when I think about it. I really don't want to be induce either. They induced me with Dylan and I hated hated it. I also thought today that what if they were to let me go to 42 weeks because I am going to be stubborn about not being induced? That would be crazy, not to mention a whole nother MONTH but also a huge baby. Jeff says this is me being silly, which I know. They won't let me go that long, but I want it to come NOW. Today at the doctor all hopes where demolished when she said "no dialation and wow, a very thick cervix. You would think for a third baby we would have some progression by now." Thanks doc, see ya in a week! I was so depressed after my appointment I ate a whole bag of gummy bears and now I think I am sick. Just can't win. Jeff is saying it isn't coming because we don't have a name. We do have a short, well, long list, and really Baby Boy Megerle sounds okay to me for a few days. Just like with the other two, I need to see him and see how I feel. Any suggestions? Did I mention that every morning I wake up he seems to be getting higher in my rib cage? Moving the wrong direction. Maybe if I hang upside down he would move the right direction. Not a bad plan. Watch out David Blaine!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


My little boy started Pre-K today. He was so excited to go back to school. We switch schools this year so everything there was new for us. We loved our other school, but this one is just a little closer to home and a few other kids from our church are there. I did get a little choked up as I left him there at his desk, trying to trace his name. I can't believe how fast he has grown up and I am sure I will be a blubbering mother next year when I have to leave him in Kindergarten for a full day. He said he had fun, but he is funny when I ask him what he did he says "I don't know."

Monday, September 8, 2008

Dylan + Dentist = One less tooth

Okay. I am finally ready to talk about it. I don't know how many of you remember that about 6 months ago Dylan broke one of his top front teeth because we are bad parents. The dentist was able to do a small root canal and then put a cap/crown on it and you haven't been able to tell since. Well, until now... This is a picture of his fully toothed mouth from just weeks ago. (I am seriously holding back the tears right now so thank goodness you are not reading this in real time.) Anyway... what happened? Well, here is the full tooth out of his mouth. That is right, they had to pull it. We were once again bad parents and he pulled a glass off of the counter and it hit his face/mouth and broke the cap off. When we took him to the dentist we had high hopes that they would just be able to put another cap on, but upon further examination the tooth had suffered more damaged and cracked up the middle. There was nothing they could do. (Crying again) If they didn't pull it, it would eventually abscess and he would be in a lot of pain and they would pull it anyway, so they just did it right then. He was so brave and Jeff stayed with him while Tyler and I went to the other room. This is how he looked on the ride home. A little swollen and bloody but he fell asleep anyway with the gross gauze hanging out of his mouth. It has been a week and I have been trying to get a good picture of it but this is the best I have gotten. This whole thing has broken my heart, and every time he smiles at me with his toothless smile I ache all over. (still crying) I know, I really need to get over it since a new tooth won't come in for years, the dentist said most kids don't get those teeth till they are 7, and he is not even two, but I miss it. I got him a haircut thinking that might help me and it hasn't. Still toothless. The only good thing was that I got his and Tyler's pictures taken just days before the incident and they turned out great with two beautiful front teeth. I know it will stop hurting eventually (for me) he is already over it, but for now the only thing that brings me comfort is that I got my first front tooth when I was 5, so maybe he will inherit those genes and a new tooth will come in sooner than later. Well, enough of my pouting, just wondering... When did you get your first tooth?

Fun with a Box

It still amazes me that my kids are fascinated with boxes. They having been playing with this box for days. Pushing each other around, closing the other in, and then just hanging out in it. They seem to love eating in it the most, but still, who needs toys and furniture when you have a good box?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Five Weeks

So we are on the five week count down. It occurred to me the other day we really should start getting ready. Things like finding the car seat, the bassinet, maybe buy some small diapers. I guess it really could happen any day. Neither Tyler or Dylan came till there due dates, so I'm really not that worried, but I guess you never know. My last appointment I lost weight which is not really normal for this late in the game, but it has been a rough couple of weeks because I have been so sick. So over the last two weeks I have been trying really hard to pack it on and keep it down so we will see what happens on Friday.A funny thing that happened over the weekend was from Tyler. He gave me a hug, under the belly, and said, "Mom, can you see me? This baby in your belly is getting to big. I can't see you anymore!" He cracks me up. Now I am going to go to the doctor on Friday and they will tell me I am measuring small. Don't you just love pregnancy? By the way, this picture is courtesy of Tyler so I could see how big my belly was.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jeff Turns 30!

Friday was Jeff's Birthday. He turned 30. Poor guy had to work all day and didn't get home till almost 8. We picked him up some dinner and took it to him, by the time he got home we were all almost asleep, and needless to say we were all in bed by ten. I guess we are all feeling the effects of old age, or the 8th month of pregnancy, or thoughts of a 3rd boy to chase after. Saturday was a better day. We were going to leave town that morning, but decided to stick around to watch the first UT game of the season with some friends. I made a big 30 chocolate cake and we had a little celebration with all 30 candles during half time. Tyler thought daddy was very special that he got to have 2 days for his birthday even if one was kind of crappy.

Happy Birthday Jeffrey We LOVE You!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tyler pictures

When Tyler can get his hands on the camera he loves to take pictures. He actually doesn't do all that bad here are some of his better shots.

Double trouble

My boys have figured out that when I am in the shower for 5 minutes all bets are off and they somehow have free reign of the house. It usually involves them getting into food but you never know. These are pictures just from this past week.

They love ice cream, just like there dad, right out of the carton.

Dylan loves Lucky Charms or at least the marshmallows. I made the mistake of leaving the box on the counter after breakfast and he dumped it all out and ate all the marshmallows.