Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why eat just one?

Thanks for making me smile Dylan Doo.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve day we took the kids to go see Santa. Better late than never. With all that has been going on we just seemed to lose track of time, but the kids had to get there request (light sabers) in so luckily for us he was still around. He was looking a little rough, maybe a long season for him, but the kids were happy and didn't freak out so that is all that matters.

That night they got to open one gift. Jammies of course. Tyler got spiderman and Dylan got cars.

Christmas morning was busy. The kids got all they wanted and more. Santa was very generous and got them the light sabers they have been waiting for.

Kyle's loot

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa D for the wagon!

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas too!

It WAS a Merry Christmas

So despite injury and crankiness we did manage to have a Merry Christmas. Here is the photo finally chosen to go out on the Christmas card. With all the trauma it took to get it I think it turned out pretty good.
With the Christmas card I sent out Kyle's birth announcement. I thought it turned out really cute. (Thanks Katie!)
On Tyler's last day of school they put on a little Christmas program and invited all the parents. He was an angel and did a wonderful job.

Jeff's Mom, Brother and Grandparents came from Michigan. We had great weather for them and I think they were happy for the change in scenery. We went to two movies, did some shopping and of course went out for steak, bbq, and tex-mex.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Pictures

He almost looks proud doesn't he? Trust me, there is no pride in not being able to button your own pants.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Result

Make sure to read "The Conversation" first.

  • A swollen and bruised hand
  • A hurt knee
  • An aching back
  • Sore ribs
  • Scraps and Scratches and Bruises all over
  • A limp
  • A lot of groaning
  • Won't go to Dr.
  • Can't get out of bed by self
  • Can't button own pants
  • Can't put on own sock or tie shoes
  • A really really really ticked off wife
  • Finally will go to Dr.
  • ProMed Dr visit
  • An ex-ray of hand
  • A referral to an Orthopedic doctor to look at hand.
  • A massive splint on hand.
  • One ProMed bill
  • Trip to Chiropractor
  • An Orthopedic Dr. visit.
  • A recommendation for hand surgery the day family is coming into town
  • A really really ticked off wife
  • Trip to Chiropractor
  • Hand surgery the day family is coming into town
  • Kids at friends houses all day.
  • At hospital all day. The day that family is coming into town
  • A very stressed out wife
  • Two wires and one screw in hand
  • One weird half cast/splint on hand
  • Pain pills
  • One Orthopedic Dr. appointment in 2weeks
  • In cast/splint for 6 weeks
  • One huge medical/hospital/doctor bill (Merry Christmas Jeff)
  • A really ticked off wife
  • Still can't get up from laying position by self
  • Still can't put on own socks and shoes
  • Still can't button own pants
  • Not much help at all
  • One majorly deserved I TOLD YOU SO!
  • One not so happy wife

Picture to come later.

The Conversation

This is a conversation that took place at our house 2 weeks ago.
Jeff: I think I am going to go dirt bike riding. Rushell: Hmmmm. When? Jeff: Friday. Rushell: With who? Jeff: Some work guys. Rushell: Hmmm. Have you before? Jeff: No. These guys ride all the time and invited me, so I think I will go. Rushell: Hmmm
Jeff: So do we have stuff going on this Friday? If not I think I am going to go. What do you think? Rushell: Well.... I guess so..... I don't know..... I just makes me nervous. Dirt bike riding seems kind of dangerous, those motorcross guys get hurt all the time. Jeff: Oh it will be fine, we are just going to go for a little bit, have some fun and then come home. We will be on a track made for dirt biking and everything. Rushell: Right. But people still get hurt and I really can not afford for you to get hurt right now. Not only is your family (mom, brother and grandparents) coming soon but we need to get the house ready and finish up Christmas stuff. I really can not afford for you to get hurt. Not to mention we don't have medical insurance. This just really worries me. Jeff: Okay... I get that, but I will be fine. Rushell: Right. No jumps or anything crazy okay? Jeff: I'll be fine.

Monday, December 8, 2008

All by myself!

Also this weekend, Tyler mastered riding his bike all by himself. He got starting and stopping down, and now he is off!


Most of you probably don't know this, but my husband loves parades. I think it has something to do with growing up in a small town and having a parade for everything. At first I thought it was funny (okay is still think it is kinda funny, a grown man loving parades this much), but now we actually have a lot of fun taking the kids and finding all the parades around. This weekend we went to the Georgetown parade and holiday stroll. It was pretty good and there was lots of free stuff, we will probably hit it up again next year. Here are a few pics of us waiting for the parade to start. Next weekend will be the Pflugerville night light parade, we can't wait!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bah Humbug!

I hope your Christmas card photo shoots are going better than mine! AGH!!!!!
This may be what you get!
If you want a card from the Megerles email me your address (rushell@coolofftexas.com), I know alot of you have moved since last year!