Monday, December 28, 2009


So the Christmas holiday hasn't quite been going the way we (I) had hoped. It started last week with the kids being sick. Coughing, fever, aching. Dylan throwing up on Monday night, Kyle Tuesday night, and Tyler Wednesday night. By Thursday, Christmas Eve, everyone actually seemed a little better, just a little tired. I spent the whole day disinfecting our house which included bleach baths for all the toys, steam cleaning carpets, and washing every sheet, towel, and article of clothing touched by anyone over the last few days. By the end of the day I was tired but everyone seemed to be feeling better so we decided to go to Texas Land and Cattle (steak) for dinner and drove around to look at lights. Once we got home, made a nativity, read Luke 2, sang our favorite carols, sprinkled the reindeer food in the front yard for Rudolf and got the kids in bed I was not only exhausted but feeling a little uneasy in the stomach. Needless to say I was up all night, and no, I was not waiting up for Santa. Christmas morning I managed to crawl out of bed to watch the kids open presents and then back to the bed and bathroom routine for pretty much the rest of the day. I feel like the worst mother and wife ever. No yummy Christmas breakfast, Jeff fed them donuts from the day before, and no yummy merry Christmas dinner, frozen pizza and peanut butter and jelly instead. I kept moaning and crying to Jeff, who was staying as far away from me as possible, how sorry I was and this was the worst Christmas ever and he then remind me of the first year we were married...
I was 3 months pregnant with Tyler and sick like no other and so tired everyday when I came home from work I didn't even get him a gift, really not one, and he went and got us Christmas dinner from Jack In The Box...
Okay so this was the second worst Christmas ever, thanks for the reminder, Jeff. He reassured me it was okay and that the kids didn't even notice because they were so busy with all their Christmas presents and what kid doesn't love eating pizza and pb&j all day long? Anyway Saturday morning I woke up feeling about 80 percent better and determined to turn it into the best Day After Christmas ever! I took a much needed shower, did hair and make up and then I made the yummy cinnamon roll, eggs and bacon Christmas breakfast, played with the kids all the new games they had gotten, and even ventured out to Fry's and Best Buy. Jeff convinced me to save the yummy merry Christmas dinner for Sunday, but we still had apple pie! Unfortunately, Sunday I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck again. I may have over done it a little on Saturday. Also the baby had a fever again, is cutting his bottom molars, Dylan said his belly hurts and had already been to the bathroom a few times and Tyler, well he was just cranky, really cranky. So we spent all day in bed together watching White Christmas, the best holiday movie ever, and the Tigger Movie, and taking naps. I did finally get up, take a shower and make the merry Christmas dinner for Jeff, even the chocolate pie for dessert.
So now there is today. I am hoping by this afternoon we can maybe pull it together to get out of this house and go to the park. Jeff suggested on his way out the door to work that maybe some fresh air would do us some good. So even though my throat is sore, the baby is not happy that he is getting new teeth, and Dylan is still spending more time than normal in the bathroom, we WILL go outside and get some much need fresh air and then wait to see what tomorrow will hold. Wish me luck!

Friday, December 18, 2009

What might have been...

What might have been if I had only waited was a really, really cute Christmas card, not the sad ones I sent out in haste before we left for Michigan. So for all of you who got a good chuckle out of the original card with crying Kyle on it... here is what could have been. Merry Christmas!
Jeff says we will just use this picture next year? Not that our kids will get any bigger over the next year right?

Surprise Trip

We decide last minute to take a trip to Michigan to visit Jeff's Mom. She was a little thrown off by the night before we were coming call to say we were coming, but loved having us there anyway! Texas boys in Michigan snow. Nothing made them happier then the dirty parking lot snow at the Arbys we stopped at for lunch. The promise of more/nicer/cleaner snow at Grandma's house is what got them back in the car.
Grandma has this rocking horse that is now the perfect size for Kyle. We would sit and rock away on it non stop. That is except for when Tyler and Dylan where pushing him off so they could have a turn.
We also got to see Uncle Terry while we were there! He was getting ready for finals, but made some time to come and hang out with us for a day! Like the beard?
We also got to see some extended family. Jeff's Uncle Ned and his girls, Molly, Jenna, and Rachel, and also Pat's parents.
Aren't they cute?
We had a great time even though it was really, really, really cold. The kids loved seeing and being in the snow especially.
A little instruction on exactly how sledding works. And then they were off!
A little instruction on making snow angels, and they were off! Jeff was laughing really hard at me getting my rear in the snow to make a snow angel. This pic was acceptable however I will not be posting the one he wanted, of me trying to get up out of the snow with no help from him and trying not to ruin my angel.
To Jeff: Just because I take a picture of you does not mean you have take one of me.

Monday, December 7, 2009

It's in the mail!

Sunday after church Tyler insisted we take our letters to Santa down to the mailbox. These are the letters that after he saw Santa at the ward party, and Santa asked him if he had written a letter, which he hadn't yet, we had to go home and make immediately. There was nothing more important to him then getting this done Saturday night, not even the exciting UT game that was on. He was a mad man on a mission. Anyway, he and Dylan both drew a picture of what they wanted and wrote what it was on it along with their names. Then I convinced them we could save postage by putting them together in one envelope. ;) And we walked them down. Here is a play by play in pictures.

Walking? Not quite.

But he loves pushing things around and walking behind them! It actually makes him very happy and he is really really fast, which is probably why he won't let go. This chair is his favorite thing to use, even though we have actual toys he could push around, oh well.

The Trophy

Tyler was sitting at the computer the other day with me and we were looking at our blog and he reminded me that we forgot to put up pictures of his soccer trophy. So, here it is!
Soccer in now over, but he had a lot of fun playing. He got more aggressive and even scored a few goals. We will probably do it again.