Tuesday, April 8, 2008


That is right, my precious Dylan is getting freckles and they are way to cute! I think he is going to have the freckle jean that I am so proud of. Tyler has a few and they are cute, but they never started appearing this early, 16 months, so I think they are here to stay and hopefully get more!

Happy Easter!

We had a good Easter. I didn't take many pictures of the actual day, but we went to a few parties and egg hunts in the weeks before.
"Let me in!"
Brothers chillen and eating there snack. And Finally there true colors shining through...This was our first Easter of Tyler's four years at home. This is Sunday morning hunting for egg around the house.

New York

I went away for the First Annual Girls Weekend. I knew it was time to get away when Jeff mentioned that he had never been alone with Tyler overnight before and he is almost 4 years old. Anyway... we went to New York City and had a blast. We saw the broadway show Wicked, which I highly reccommend to everyone, ate at a restaurant in Little Italy and had the best pasta I have ever had, road the subway everywhere, took a scary taxi ride to and from the temple, went to the Statue of Liberty, and finally went to the tennis match of my life time and saw my hero Pete Sampras.
The Girls waiting to go into Wicked.
Getting on the subway in Time Square.
It was very windy and chilly at the Statue of Liberty but well worth the trip.
Finally to the big tennis showdown between Pete Sampras and Rodger Federer. Yes, we were a little early, note the empty seats, but it was actually sold out and well worth the wait. Pete is my all time favorite player and he is retired now so you don't get to see him play very often, he was and is the best player setting records that have yet to be broken. Rodger Feder is ten years younger and the current number one player in the game now and yes, admittedly catching up to Petes records.
In the end it was a great match, however Pete lost in a very intense third set tie break. I was a little sad but still so happy and greatful I got to see my favorite player in action.

Dylans Tooth

Here are some pictures finally of the half toothed baby. He is doing much better now after the baby root canal and you can't even tell.

Back Blogging

I'm Back! Well, I have been back for a while now, but have been neglecting our poor blog. I guess I have some back bloging to do so hang in with me and you will be caught up in no time at all.