Friday, July 24, 2009

Tonsils & Adenoids

Tyler had his tonsils and adenoids out a week ago. He was really brave and didn't cry when they wheeled him away from us and woke up really well after the surgery, which the nurses say usually doesn't happen (most kids are pretty freaked out when they come out of it I guess). I stocked up on our favorite popsicle and ice cream, made pudding and jello and then he didn't want any. Dylan was in heaven though, and now keeps asking when Tyler is going back to the hospital so he can have more. It took him a few days to want to eat anything, I finally stopped fighting him on it and figured when he got hungry he would eat. Thanks to everyone who brought well wishes and treats, Dylan really enjoyed them. We go back to the doctor in a few weeks, but I think he is mending well.
Here he is when we got home. Notice the melting ice cream I think Dylan finish off for him.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Family Pictures

While we were in Seattle we had family pictures taken. The last time we had real family pictures was when Tyler was only a year old so it was about time. These are my picks. Trying to get all three kids looking all at the same time and mine and Jeff's eyes open, was not easy so I am happy with what we got. Some of these will be zoomed in a little and even get a little photoshop magic. The one of all of us might get a new Dylan head from another picture where he is the only one looking and the rest of us aren't. Someday (sigh).
Kyle was happiest playing with this giant leaf. That is what is in his hands.
Aren't we hot! It makes me want to send out wedding announcement all over again!

4th of July weekend

We went to watch fireworks on Friday night, we got there really really early. And waited a long long time.
Don't we look like we are for lease in this picture? Poor Dylan waited soooo long and then fell asleep two minutes into the show. That is what happens when it isn't dark till 10 and I am not sure he got a nap.
Saturday we went to a Dickson Family reunion! We visited with Dicksons we hadn't met before or hadn't seen in a long time. We also got these awesome matching shirts! (Emily & Marie, honorary Dicksons, got shirts to, just weren't sporting them for the pic)
Saturday night we watched movies and hung out around the house. All of the neighbors put on a great show for us and we did sparklers and pop its.
Sunday we had a family BBQ. It was great visiting and catching up with everyone. I miss not seeing them more often.

Museum of Flight

We went to the Museum of Flight. I think Dylan was on stimulus overload. So many airplanes! It really is a cool museum and with kids we could go through it is a very short period of time. There was lots of running from one thing to the next. Not a lot of time to read what we were looking at. Maybe next time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dylan & Piano

He is just so cute I can hardly stand it. He was also fascinated with the piano. Marie was doing a good job of teaching him to play gently which he was getting the hang of. I think lessons for him may be in the future.

Weird things, the locks, and good burgers

One afternoon we went and saw "Weird things around Washington", went to the locks between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington, and had great burgers at Red Mill Burgers. Troll under the bridge.
People waiting for the bus.
The Rocket Ship
The center of the universe. (The sign! Not me Mother!)
Dylan and Mommy
Tyler and Emily on ICU2TV
The locks. Dylan loved the boats.
My parents saw this place on Man vs. Food on the Travel channel. He said they were the best burgers in Seattle. They were really good and I am glad we were in the area to try them out.

Beach & Donuts

We went to the beach so Dylan could check out the boats and Tyler could skip rocks. Sorry about the coordinating shirts, we got family pictures taken that morning.
Jeff, Mom and Dad and the boys had fish and chips for dinner and then the girls and I had teriyaki. For dessert we went and got some good old American donuts for the girls. They were in heaven. I guess donuts in Austria just are the same.
Seattle really has a great skyline.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Science center with friends

We went to the Seattle science center with my friend Tara and her cute little boy Dallin. We had a picnic lunch at the base of the Space Needle. The weather was perfect the whole week, it didn't rain at all, much to Jeffs surprise. Seattle really is the perfect place in the summer!
All the boys.
We saw and played with lots of fun stuff in the science center.
A great picture of Dylan and Grandma in the butterfly conservatory.
My cousin Marie (visiting from Austria) and the boys.
Me and my lovely friend Tara. We have known each other since we were 12. I love her so much and miss not living closer to her and having our kids grow up together.
Thanks for hanging out with us!