Monday, June 23, 2008

To be 4 years old...

Tyler's 4th Birthday was on Sunday. What a happy little boy. We had a party at our house on Friday with his freinds. They all had a great time in the 100 degree heat. We had a pool, slip n slide and sprinkler.
Everyone got a water gun and goggles to play with and take home.
It was also a Spiderman party. Being the wonderful mother that I am I agreed to make him this cake. It wore me out but turnd out okay, and he loved. He had a great day with all his friends and was just so happy to have a special day to share with them, but that of course was all about him.
On Sunday he woke up to his new bike from Jeff & I. We were all out infront of the house at 7:30am in our pj's watching him master it. The other thing he got was a guitar from Dylan. Dylan was tired of him trying to play with Dads Guitar Hero guitar and thought that having his own to play with would be a good idea. Tyler found the headphones all on his own (yeah!). Now if we could only get him to share with Dylan... Well, we love our Tyler and are glad he had a great 4th. Even though he is a handful most of the time and thinks the world revolves around him most of the time, he really is a sweet boy who at the end of the day came up to Jeff and I and said "Mommy and Daddy, thank you for all of my Birthdays and my bike! I love you so much!" followed by really big hugs and kisses. We love you too Ty Ty!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Outside fun!

Before 10am=85 degrees After 3pm=100+ degrees

Cute, cute friends!

We have the cutest friends. We love when Jaeden and Avery come to play with us. Tyler and Jaeden are best buds. A little bit of a love/hate relationship but they are alway the first to think of the other. Notice Avery has on Tyler's shoes. I love that girl.

His new thing

Dylan has learned this great new trick from his big brother. He can reach anything if he can drag a chair to it. It is driving me crazy, but sometimes he is just to cute to get angry, even when he dove into the chocolate cake. He was so proud of himself.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Number Three!

We had our ultrasound yesterday. Baby Megerle is officially a BOY! There was no mistaking it. After you have seen "boy parts" as they like to call them at the appointment, as much as we have you know exactly what you are seeing. We are excited, the boys/Tyler is very excited. He has been telling us it is boy for a while now and that girls cry to much, which I guess means we can't have one. Anyway, a girl would definitely have been different and I think that Jeff would have loved it, but boys seem to be what we know and can be trusted with. My scanner for some reason isn't working so I will keep trying to post the ultrasound pictures but I am not sure I can get it to work. He actually wasn't very cooperative so none of the pictures are all that great if you don't know what you are looking at. I hope everyone is having a good week, I am going to try to be a little better with my blogging this month so stay tuned. We love and miss you all!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our May

Here are some happening from May. It was a really great month with a trip to Grandma Megerle's and the the Texas heat really hitting hard. We were suppose to have our ultrasound last week and have been rescheduled twice so today is finally the day and I will let you know.
Daddy's Helper
Dylan is fascinated by the lawn mower and really anything that Daddy may be doing "oussside." We have a little mower for him to push but it has proven not to be good enough for him, he wants the real deal.

Last Day of School

Tyler's last day of school was two weeks ago. They ended the year with a little music program all in Spanish. They have a Spanish lesson once a week and have been learning the songs all year. Notice Tyler's hair... he insisted that I spike it all up for him with gel. He loves school and his school does have a summer program, but we decided this summer we are going to be doing swim lessons so we will start again in the fall.

My Guitar Hero

This happens a couple times a week. I can't find Dylan and hear just a small clicking sound. Well here he is... he has dragged the guitar from Guitar Hero into our room and is lounging on our bed playing away all alone. No the game isn't even on, he just likes to sit and pretend. This cracks me up. I love that he even puts the strap around his head.

Random May Pics

What are you looking at? I do not plan on climbing up in this table, promise.

Just kidding, here I come!

We love the bath. Well, sort of, this just happened to be a good day. (Amy, I found the water color tablets just at Walmart, I think it was you that I talked about this with?)
So I try to get them to wear these hats outside like when we go to the lake or whatever, I know dorky, but I am worried about the sun, and of course they don't want to and throw them back at me. But we get home and the rest of the afternoon they won't take them off inside. Dylan walks around saying "hat, hat" the rest of the day. Silly kids.I wish this picture had turned out. The autofocus was obviously not working as fast as I was, and of course the minute they both saw the camera they moved and wouldn't go back. It was just so cute of them laying on eachother watching cartoons together.Say CHEESE!!!