Thursday, August 21, 2008


The boys have been playing and just being so well together lately and I have snapped a few shots that I just couldn't pass up.
"Good Morning Mom, please get out of our way we are trying to watch cartoons."

Reading books together in the front window.

We love Jello, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And don't forget the whip cream.

Sharing! Tyler was riding the spin round thing and Dylan decided he needed to share. The best part of this is that Dylan is saying "share, share" and Tyler is saying "get off!"

This is Tyler upset in timeout for throwing his nuggets from his happymeal that he got for being a good boy while we were out! Dylan was so upset that Tyler was in timeout that he sat with him and shared his nuggets with him till the timer went off.

We love these boys!

Prego Me

So yes I have been pregnant before and have two beautiful boys to show for it and yes we also know that I am not a pregnancy fan, but this time around I am trying to be more positive. Well I don't think I can take it much longer so here is my two minute rant of disliking pregnancy. I have been more tired and worn out this time around than anytime before and all I want to to is lay in bed and watch the Olympics all day long. That is if I could lay in bed comfortably for more than ten minutes. Lay on my back=can't breath and feel like I am going to pass out, lay on side=maybe a good 20 minutes but really not comfortable. I have also now called the doctor on two separate occasion asking if there is something wrong with me which there has been and had to make one trip in to them (got a pain killer for strained muscles) and the other to the hospital (dehydrated and recieved two bags of fluid) and now I just feel like a big baby. I don't think I ever had to call for anything with either of my other pregnancies. I don't want to clean my house or make dinner and my poor kids just watch cartoons all day if we don't leave the house which is most days. Thankfully Tyler starts preschool soon and Dylan actually likes just chillen with me in bed playing with toys. I also keep having this dream where we all die and go to heaven I am looking down through the clouds and my visiting teachers and ladies in the ward come to my house and sort through our things and I am really ticked off and embarrassed that my house is such a mess. More specifically my room, bathroom, and mainly closet. Thats right, I am not angry we are dead just that my house is dirty and now people know it. So does this motivate me to clean up? No. Oh well, with my other pregnancies I always used to dream that just Jeff died so we should be okay. So that brings us to Jeff. He has been so great and trying really hard to be home as much a possible, but Austin has had a record breaking 100 degree summer and work has been so busy. When he is home, I know he is tired but he has been so good at helping me out with the kids and giving me a break if I need it. Thank you babe. Tyler and Dylan have also been playing pretty well together lately and hopefully that will only get better. Soooo... Maybe I don't have that much to complain about, and it probably is really just me being silly but if this baby could come a little sooner than later I wouldn't mind. Better yet, if the stork could just drop the perfect baby off with a good name (no we don't have one yet) and I don't have to be pregnant anymore that would be even better.I don't usually do prego pics so this is all you are going to get. Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention that I feel huge, struggling to tie shoes, pick things up, (never felt that way with other pregos) but at my last appointment they assured me that I am actually smaller this time around. Thanks a lot lady! Are you trying to make me feel worse!

Grandma Dickson visits

My mom came for a very short visit. She watched the kids so Jeff and I could go out, went and got a mani/pedi with me and ran errands with me that I have been trying to get done. Jeff also appreciated that she helped me sort and fold through the mounds of kids clothes that I need to organize before the baby comes. That and we found a whole new wardrobe for Dylan, so I guess I don't need to go shopping after all. It was so great having her here even for a short time. Thanks mom!

So I am only posting this picture below because Jeff thought it was soooo funny that my huge belly/boobs are squeezing poor Tyler out of the pic.

Jeff is nesting

Jeff felt we needed to get a few things done around the house before the baby is born. We each picked one thing. I picked painting the walls to get rid of the yucky flat unwashable manufacture paint that can't be washed of yucky kid marks, and Jeff picked floors. We got wood laminate installed everywhere but the bedrooms and bathrooms. I didn't take any before shots so only people who have been to my house will know the before, but trust me it looks so much better without yucky stained white carpet and cheetoo and marker covered walls.

The red walls were already there, Jeff and I painted those a while back. I guess I should have put my curtains back up to before I took this picture, it looks much better with them up. Oh well.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Swim Lessons

The past two weeks Tyler was in swim lessons. He had a really fun time and has learned a lot. Yes, he wore those goggles everyday and won't go in the water without them. The first day of class he actually wore them all morning, at breakfast, getting dressed, watching cartoons, and then all the way to lessons in the car. I think he was excited. We are very proud of him, he improved a lot and can do a lot of things now that he couldn't do before, especially on his own.
Tyler took lessons with his buddies Jaeden and Audrey. They had so much fun together.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Duck Adventure and Friends

My old friend Carmen, her boyfriend Shawn and his daughter Ellie, came to town this week. We all got to hang out on Monday and had lots of fun. We went on the Great Austin Duck Adventure. It takes you on a tour of downtown and then splashes into Lake Austin. The best part of course is that they give everyone duck quackers and we quack at people on the streets of Austin. The quacking was Tyler's favorite part, unlike driving into the water, when he announced that he didn't want to because he didn't have his floaties.
Carmen with her quacker and the UT Tower. Dylan loving the water and Tyler asking when we will be back on land.

After the duck tour we went to lunch at the Hula Hut, a Austin landmark restaurant. It is right on the lake and we sat outside on the deck over the water. Tyler was okay with this for some reason and enjoyed seeing the huge fish and turtles in the water below.

Thanks for hanging out with us Carm. We had a really fun time and enjoyed finally meeting Shawn and Ellie. Wish you all were closer to see you all more often.