Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Just kidding.... Saturday, May 3rd, was our 5th anniversary and it hasn't been forever but somedays are still a little longer than others, but probably more because of the kids then anything. LOL! We didn't do a whole lot. My totally non gamer husband decided we needed to get a Wii, not really for the Wii itself but so that we could get Guitar Hero.
Happy Anniversary!Really, Jeff is not into video games at all, so this was really weird. I guess while I was in Utah with the kids a couple of weeks ago he played it at a friends house and he has been on the hunt for it ever since. Guitar Hero wasn't that hard to find, but the Wii's don't stay in stock for very long around here so that took a while. Well, anyway we got it all on Friday and spent most of the day Saturday playing away. I wish I had taken pictures. We played in our pajamas until mid afternoon when I couldn't take it anymore and decided we should try to be a little productive for the day. Tyler was more upset then anyone and now everyday he asks if he can play the WE! He likes to do the boxing which he is actually really good at. Anyway, Jeff and I went to dinner and then dessert at Cheesecake Factory that night remembering old times and making plans for the future. We had a great day with the kids and the next time we are playing Guitar Hero in our pj's I will snap some shots.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Yes, suprised is exactly how I feel. Also a little overwelmed and just trying not to cry at the thought of three... Anyway, the details. Due-October 9th. Find out what we are having in 4 weeks, which means that I am 16ish weeks now. Send me some positive thoughts, I am trying really hard to have them on my own.