Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth! For Real!

At the end of August we went to the Circus! It was awesome! I have never been to the circus and can I just say we will be going back! Oh, and the kids really liked it too!
It was at least 100 degrees out but we took the kids to see the animals before the show anyway. It just made us more excited to get inside to the AC and see the show!
Zing! Zang! Zoom!
This is a great picture of our cute friend Jaeden fascinated by what is going on.

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Jeff turned 32 at the end of August!
He wanted nothing fancy. Just chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Not my favorite, but I guess it was HIS birthday.
The boys loved all the candles. I think that is the most candles we have ever put on a cake, and it wasn't even 32.

First Grade

Tyler started First Grade! Thanks goodness! It has been a long summer for me and it was time for he and I to have some time apart.
He loves school. He has a great teacher, she is awesome. And now that he is first grade he gets his own desk and even gets to keep all of his things in his own pencil box. His own crayons, 2 glue sticks and his very own scissors. Very exciting.


We went on trip to Cabelas with some friends. We even got a guided tour. It was interesting to have someone explain some things as we walked around.
We were there for the fish feeding.
More fish feeding.
Tyler's favorite part. The shooting gallery at the end.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Watering the Grass?

When Jeff turns on the sprinkler to water the grass, for some reason the kids think that it is time to get wet. It is fun to watch and they have so much fun together so I guess no big deal. It is usually in the evening and we are getting ready for showers and jammies anyway. They love it!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blue Bell Ice Cream

If you don't live in Texas you are missing out. We have Blue Bell Ice Cream and it is delicious! We took a little drive out to Brenham Texas to tour the factory. It was a fun trip with our friends and well worth the free scoop at the end of the tour.
We learned a lot. Like that they use milk from 50,000 cows a day. And that they flash freeze the ice cream up side down to get that fresh (hard to pull the lid off your brand new carton of ice cream) seal.
Dylan enjoyed the Krazy Kookie Dough! (not a great pic but he was lovin it)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We drove up to Wichita Kansas to visit my cousin Jackie and her new baby Tucker who got blessed while we were there. My Aunt Karen (aka GG) and Uncle Ron (aka Pops) where also there. We had a great time visiting with family and seeing the sights of Wichita!
A must see if you are in Wichita is Cowtown!
Tyler taking a turn on the old press.
Tyler was really good at the old school yard games.
Jeff was pretty good to.
Dylan just wanted to dig in the dirt. No surprise!
Then we waited for a shoot-out.
A little anti-clamatic. But we still had fun.
Jackie and Jake have two dogs, Dolly and Leeroy. Our kids are not dog kids at all, but after a few days they wouldn't leave these poor dogs alone. Always needing to check on them, feed them, play with them, sit by them. I am sure after we left they were very relieved to be left alone.
They also loved little Tucker. They each got to hold him and didn't want to let go. Even when he got fussy and started crying.
Kyle was really the funniest about it. After his turn was over he kept trying to get the baby back and saying "NO! My baby! My Turn!" Image this with his little finger point action.
Thank You Jackie, Jake, and Tucker for letting us come and visit! We had a great time and are so glad you live so close (only 9 hours) to us!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Tyler did a week long tennis camp at our high school right after the 4th. He really loves to play and wants to go all the time. It is just so hot right now no one last very long. Maybe we will play more in the fall when it cools down to the 80s.
Tyler and Dylan playing tug of war at the stake pioneer activity.
We went to a free paint a train activity at a local toy store!
The kids each got a train to paint and decorate.
We played with friends in the backyard!
We went on a tour of our local Justice Center. Here are the kids in a jail cell.
Listening to the police man talk about stranger danger.
Just kicken it in the AC!
And I have been busy making baby carseat covers!