Sunday, May 2, 2010

An 18 month Kyle

Kyle turned 18 months in April.
Oh how I am remembering that 18 months is not my favorite age! He is wanting to do everything by himself, or at least do everything that his brothers do by himself. If he doesn't get his way a very painful screaming and crying and flailing and floppiness thing occurs. It is like nothing I remember my other children doing to the degree he does it. Maybe I have just blocked it out, which is something that I hopefully will be doing again very soon. Oh and I love going to the doctor at 18 months because they ask if he is throwing tantrums and tell you to make sure you are ignoring them/him . Right.... like ignoring the 2 foot screaming machine following me around the house or pounding the door I shut to "ignore him" is really working. Or ignoring the 22 pound flailing siren attached to my leg because I won't give him his 3rd bag of fruit snacks before 10am is really working. By 10am I am willing to open every bag of fruit snacks in the state of Texas if he will stop that screaming siren of a cry, are you kidding me! Alright, so some days are better than others, but around here if a little peace and quiet during my day means giving in to a tantrum then thank the heavens for fruit snacks!
Okay...Okay... so this is probably the worst thing about 18 months and besides this it really isn't that bad. 18 months is actually very exciting because he is turning into a little boy. He loves everything with wheels. He loves hats.He loves loves balls and throwing anything he can. This is fun because he will totally play fetch with you. He loves being outside and getting dirty. He loves following his brothers around. He loves his blankie. He loves climbing up, on, or around anything. He loves music and dancing. He loves ice cream and he loves drinking anything but water from a straw. Oh, which reminds me that he loves Starbucks, or at least my Vivano smoothies, which is really only because it has a straw! He does not love everyone and is not that friendly of a baby, which leads right in to him loving his Mommy most, which isn't helping with going to nursery, but we are working on it. He still cries for a few minutes when I drop him off at the gym, even after months of going. He just isn't big into strangers. Which means that he gives them the furrowed brow look which make me laugh and love him even more!