Monday, March 30, 2009

"Ice goes in the ice box Mom!"

Last week we had a hail storm. After the hail let up and it was just raining the kids went out to collect some pieces of hail. I got them a cup to put it in and they went to town.
This is some of what we collected. At our house it only reach about the size of a quarter, maybe a few golf balls, but other places around town got baseball size. Window and car repair places in the area are busy.
After they were done collecting I noticed the cup I had given them to put there hail in empty on the counter. I asked Tyler where they had put it and he reminded me that "Ice belongs in the ice box Mom!" Oh, yeah, what was I thinking? Would you like some grass and dirt with your ice?
The calm after the storm. It was a beautiful night!
The weather in Texas can get pretty crazy. It is just the beginning of the storm season. I am sure there is more to come.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Squirt Gun Fun

I love that they are getting old enough to play so well together.

Austin Fair and Rodeo

We went to the fair and rodeo last Friday night with some friends. We had a great time and the kids loved all the lights and rides, not to mention the sheep and bull riden and ropen we saw. I think I am okay with having cowboys in our family. Who doesn't love a man in a cowboy hat and boots! I didn't get any pics of the rodeo but lots of the rides. They had so much fun.
The first ride. Poor Dylan was so sad, he was to little for the roller coaster. But not for this one!
Dylan was sad because there were a few other ride he was to little for, be he love d telling Jeff that it was Christmas everywhere (lights at night equal Christmas to Dylan).

I'm in love!

With my baby. I just want to kiss him, hug him, squish him, squeeze him, and love on him all the time! He is so little and lovie. I just can't help it.

Jeff Post

Jeff came home and found this one night.
All I got to say is that they were fed, all three bathed, lotioned, pjed, medicined, read to, prayed with, and out by 7... I think. Jeff was home at 730, so yeah it had to have been around 7? I guess maybe being able to sleep anywhere anytime comes from me?

Pants? Who needs em?

Not Dylan!!
So I really think this has to do with us potty training right now. After the first pair of pants we go through during a day I just don't see why we need any more laundry and unless we leave the house or are having company this is Dylan most days. Also it is just easier for him when he is in a hurry to "make it." These pictures are my favorite. The helmet for one cracks me up. He would wear that thing everywhere if I let him and two the shirt tucked into the underpants along with him pullen out the wedgie! This kid kills me!