Friday, May 27, 2011


My birthday was in April.  Kyle fell asleep so that is why he is missing.
 Have you ever seen this candle?  This is what it looks like before you light it.

This is what happens when you light it.
(Ignore my tantrum, it was actually a rough day)

This is what it looks like after.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Spending time at the dirt bike track has for some reason become a weekend pass time.  They come home very, very, very dirty!  But they love it!


 And, YES, I am one of those mothers that dresses her kids in the same color and or shirt so I can find them faster.  Jeff has come to except this and now realizes the connivence of it and not the embarrassment.


I Love Cake!  I love decorating cake almost as much as I love eating cake!

My wonderful friend Chontal and I (I think) make a pretty good team when it comes to making a good looking and tasting cake.  Chontal likes trying new recipes and discovering new fillings, and I like to find cute, fun ways to decorate the outside.

This is the Bubble Bath cake we made for our friends baby shower.
White cake with a chocolate moose filling.

St. Patricks Day cupcakes Dylan and I made.

Easter cupcakes I made for the ward party.

A fun cake we made for the Boy Scout auction.
Chocolate cake with a white chocolate raspberry cream filling

A BIG shout out to Chontal for being a great friend who loves and understands my passion for cake!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


In first grade they do a lot of hallway parades at our Elemetary school.  

First was the book parade.  We love Magic Tree House books!

And then there was the shoe box parade.  He had to decorate his shoe box with something about Texas.  Tyler chose the Six Flags Over Texas.  Meaning the six different flags that have govern over Texas.  France, Spain, Mexico, Confederate, USA, and Republic of Texas.  He also insisted on a Longhorn! 

 Did you know that Texas has it's own pledge?  They recite it in school after the Pledge of Allegiance to the the American Flag.  Imagine my surprise at the first assembly and I go to sit down and they keep on going!
Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible.
(You really have to learn to love Texas pride if you are going to live here.)
This was on his box to, along with the state seal that has all of the six flags on it.

I was really proud of Tyler for this little box.  The idea was completely his!  Most of the other kids did football (Cowboys, Longhorns, Aggies) boxes or something agricultural (bluebonnets, cows, oil rigs).  He was the only one that had the six flags.


In early March Dylan hurt his hand.  He was goofing around with a ceramic vase that I had in the garage sale pile and then dropped it and then fell on it.  It slit his wrist and pinky open really good so he and Jeff took a trip to urgent care.

Eleven stitches, a splint and a popsicle bigger than his head, and he was our happy Dylan again!

Snow in February

 It hardly ever happens here in Texas, but sometimes we get lucky.  A real snow day!  School canceled and everything.

 Don't they look like they are having a good time?

Now they said we got more snow than the year before but our snow man was considerably smaller than than in 2010.


All together

We took some pictures of us all together while Grandma and Terry were here.  Kyle was not very cooperative, but what can you ask for from a 2 year old?  

So this was my favorite.

 How is it I forget what great hair I have in the winter here?  Dang humidity!  It will now be six months before I see hair like that again!
 Oh Kyle!

 The Boys

End of 2010

At Christmas time Grandma Megerle and Terry came to visit!
 We went to Zilker park and road the Zilker Zepher Train and played on the awesome playground.

 We took them on the Austin Duck Adventure for a tour around downtown!  Quack!

 Christmas Eve pajamas!
 All Dylan asked for from Santa was a "tree cutter."  He was one happy kid!
 Kyle so happy to finally have his own pillow pet!
 Tyler got a new bike!
 And then they had to go try them out.  Dylan got Tyler's old bike and they both got new helmets.

Where have we been?!

Just causing TROUBLE!!!