Friday, July 26, 2013

First Half of 2012

2012 What A Year!
Here is the first half.  Finished Pre-K and Second Grade.  Had lot's of fun with brothers and friends.  Ran until throwing up on the side of the road was no longer fun because pregnancy just does that to me.  Surprise!!!

They are so cute and I love pictures with Brothers all together.

We have the cutest friends!  Jaeden and Avery friends forever!

I did a lot of running in 2011 and the beginning of 2012.  Dylan particularly liked the Color Run.

Who doesn't like a good trip to Kiddie Acres!

Cute friends!  At Jaeden's Baptism with Tyler and Audrey.

Blue bonnets and a very bright sun.

Sweet and innocent until they decide to attack!

Transportation parade!  Dylan made the "Angry Bull" Monster Truck.

Second Grade Bug Show.  Tyler was an Army Ant.

Dylan Graduated from Pre-K.
These are his sweet teachers Ms. Margaret and Ms. Sally.

His buddy Kade and cute Avery girl.

Second Grade was a great year for Tyler!  It was especially great because of Ms. Hodges.  The Best Teacher In The World!

And then Summer 2012 began...


Angie Haynes said...

I haven't looked at blogs forever! I love all the pictures. :) You guys make me happy!! So happy we're friends!

Ariel Williams said...

These are all so cute!!

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